Your Canadian fly-in fishing destination

Based in Ear  Falls  Ontario, our beautiful fly-in  outposts  are remote but far from rustic. With wooden walkways from the door to the docks and fully equipped with solar lights, running water, generator electricity, propane appliances with indoor showers ensure all the comforts of home.

Now with two modern locations to choose from, we offer exceptional Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout fishing from the finest water bodies in Northwestern Ontario. Our locations are  private, secluded and we are the only outfitters on each of our lakes. 

We understand how precious your vacation time is, and we aim to provide your best fishing trip yet. All of our equipment is of the highest quality, from the boats & motors,  generators and facilities. 

Please take the time to explore our website, and give us a call anytime to discuss your next Canadian vacation. 

Boats and Gear



From some of our recent guests.....

”This place is 10 times better then any trip we’ve been on yet! The guys had a great time. Thanks again!” - Mark, Wisconsin

”Absolutely awesome! The most fun fishing trip we’ve ever had” - Dave, Iowa 

“The cabin, facilities, service, boats and of course the fishing, all exceptional. Thanks for another great trip.” - Bob, Connecticut 

“This place is amazing. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. We will be back.” - Aaron, Ontario  

“Exactly as advertised yet better then imagined. Can’t wait to come back up next year.” - Ed, Minnesota

Packing List

Packing List

What you won't need

Tackle Suggestions


In order to be best prepared for your trip, we suggest you bring along;

- Fishing gear - medium / medium heavy rods with 12-20 lb line (Trout & Northern) and 6-8 lb line for Walleye

- Supply of tackle

- Sleeping bags/pillows/linens/towels 

- Food, drinks and condiments

- Outdoor and rain gear 

- Passport

Tackle Suggestions

What you won't need

Tackle Suggestions


Tackle options vary somewhat between species. Here's what we suggest:

Lake Trout - 2-3" trolling spoons such as Little Cleos, 5 of Diamonds or Sutton's.  3/4 oz jigs and sonars are also effective mid season. 

Walleye - Nothing beats a 1/4 - 3/8  oz jig and minnow. Colour combinations of yellow/orange/green  are irresistible. 

Northern Pike - Rapalas, jerk baits, topwaters and jigs are all highly effective throughout the season. There are no wrong answers when targeting these aggresive trophys. 

What you won't need

What you won't need

What you won't need


Your remote cabin comes fully equipped with all cooking utensils, dishes, cutlery, coffee pot, etc. The kitchen rivals that of most homes, with the addition of a beautiful lake view!

Solar lighting, hot water and a wood heat ensure the utmost in comfort.

Boats are fully equipped with seat cushions, paddles, nets, safety kits and anchors.


Attached is an excellent article that addresses a number of Lake Trout fishing questions.

Link to Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary

Files coming soon.