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Your Canadian fly-in fishing destination

You've heard the stories of the amazing fly-in fishing trips only found in Canada. You've tried the crowded, local lakes near home, but it doesn't do it for you. Craving the quiet, peaceful solitude of being alone on a cold, clear lake, with the only sound being the echoing loons and crackling campfire? Us too, and we'd like to share it with you. 

Our outpost cabin is remote, but far from rustic. With a wooden walkway from the door to the dock, solar lights, running water, propane appliances with an indoor shower ensure all the comforts of home, without the traffic. 

The Fishing...

Your outpost cabin is ideally placed between Tully Lake and Store Lake.  Although connected by a short river, the fishing opportunities are worlds apart. No other location offers such a diverse fishing experience. 


Store Lake is literally loaded with the aggressive Northern Pike. All throughout the season, no rapala or jig is safe in these waters. A relatively shallow lake, Store ensures that the Northern fishing remains incredible all year. 


Tully Lake is such a unique, beautiful and pristine waterbody that words hardly describe. Surrounded by high Canadian Boreal forest to the sandy beaches, Tully offers spectacular and elusive Lake Trout in depths up to 100'. Nothing in Canada matches the fight and action of a giant 'laker. With the buzz of the drag peeling line from your reel, you'll know you've hooked a good one.   


Theatre Lake offers us a whole new adventure! A short walk from the shore of Store Lake leads us into Theatre, a smaller secluded lake that satisfies your walleye appetite with this renowned sport fish we all enjoy.

Still not enough??

We can even do one more. How about adding another flight for a day trip to an action filled catch and release walleye lake? We can do that. We can do this for less than you might expect. Once you're all packed up and ready to leave, your float plane arrives to take you away....but you don't have to go home just yet. We'll deliver you into yet another otherwise inaccessible waterbody where you'll spend you're last day catching walleye, one after another.   

Boats and Gear

The Boats...


We use four modern 14 foot Lund aluminum boats. We've found these to be the most stable and safe boats available today. All boats are equipped with a safety kit, seat cushions, unlimited gas, landing nets, etc.

Although we do have a supply of life jackets on hand, we encourage you to bring along your own. PFD's do not need to be worn in the boat, but they do need to be present.   

We operate modern and ultra dependable Mercury 9.9 hp outboards on all our boats. They are quiet, simple to use and are matched well for the boats.

In addition to a beautiful cabin, pristine area and nice boats, we have the benefit of a screened in fish cleaning building on site. Complete with solar lighting and running water, the days of cleaning your fish outside with the mosquitoes are over. 

Gas, Ice & Supplies

Nice boats and motors don't go far without gas. We offer unlimited gas for all boats, with the convenience of a large fuel tank on site. 

When flying in, you will be provided with a large, clean cooler full of ice to keep your beverages chilled. 

A  propane fridge and large chest freezer adds to the convenience, eliminating any perishable food concerns and allows you to freeze your fish to bring home.

Propane appliances, fish fryers, BBQ, and a large, complete kitchen round out  cooking necessities.

For those that may require electricity for CPAP's, charging devices, etc, we supply a quiet and reliable generator on site complete with plug-ins in each room.

About Us

Where are we??


Our remote outpost cabin is located in Northwestern Ontario, on the southwest shore of beautiful Tully Lake, at the mouth of the river that flows from Store Lake. The breathtaking location alone makes the trip one you'll never forget. 

Tully Lake is 30 miles straight north of the nearest community - Sioux Lookout, and 60 miles east of Ear Falls. This places us in the perfect area for a remote, fly-in setting. No gravel roads to travel on your way - just pull off the paved highway and unload into you're awaiting floatplane!  

Fly-in, and get fishing


Your floatplane ride into Tully Lake will be as enjoyable as the fishing. We hire only the best, safest and most respected bush pilots that we trust unquestionably. You will ride from Ear Falls in a classic icon of the Canadian Northland, the Beaver or a twin engine Beech 18. Have your camera ready, these beautiful airplanes look almost as good as they sound.  

Who are we?


Kyle and Trysta Wood are the proud operators of Northland Outpost Co. 

We share the unique background of each being raised in the fishing business. Kyle's family has owned and operated several hunting and fishing lodges throughout Ontario during the last 30 years, many you've likely heard of, or already visited. As a lifelong bush pilot throughout Northwestern Ontario, he knew a perfect outpost when he saw it, and wasn't satisfied until he and Trysta acquired it to share with you. 

Trysta is no stranger to this line of work either, and may be recognized if you've stopped in at Dutchie's for beer and bait in the last 15 years. At a young age, she and her parents moved from Iowa to begin the adventure of operating a Canadian fishing lodge, which is still going strong today.  

They, along with their daughter Ayleah & son Jerett, invite you to experience the great Northland. 


Standard HST tax rate of 13% not included rates. Rates are listed in USD. A 25% deposit is required within 14 days of reservation in order to confirm the selected dates. Please limit baggage to 100 lbs per person to avoid additional airfaire.


From some of our recent guests.....

”This place is 10 times better then any trip we’ve been on yet! The Guys has a great time. Thanks again!” - Mark, Wisconsin

”Absolutely awesome! The most fun fishing trip we’ve ever had” - Dave, Iowa 

“The cabin, facilities, service, boats and of course the fishing, all exceptional. Thanks for another great trip.” - Bob, Connecticut 

“This place is amazing. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. We will be back.” - Aaron, Ontario  

“Exactly as advertised yet better then imagined. Can’t wait to come back up next year.” - Ed, Minnesota

Contact Us

Drop us a line!


32 Ryans Road, Kaministiquia ON, P0T1X0

(807) 631-4081

Packing List

Packing List


In order to be best prepared for your trip, we suggest you bring along;

- Fishing gear - medium / medium heavy rods with 12-20 lb line (Trout & Northern) and 6-8 lb line for Walleye

- Supply of tackle

- Sleeping bags/pillows/linens/towels 

- Food, drinks and condiments

- Outdoor and rain gear 

- Passport

Tackle Suggestions


Tackle options vary somewhat between species. Here's what we suggest:

Lake Trout - 2-3" trolling spoons such as Little Cleos, 5 of Diamonds or Sutton's.  3/4 oz jigs and sonars are also effective mid season. 

Walleye - Nothing beats a 1/4 - 3/8  oz jig and minnow. Colour combinations of yellow/orange/green  are irresistible. 

Northern Pike - Rapalas, jerk baits, topwaters and jigs are all highly effective throughout the season. There are no wrong answers when targeting these aggresive trophys. 

What you won't need


Your remote cabin comes fully equipped with all cooking utensils, dishes, cutlery, coffee pot, etc. The kitchen rivals that of most homes, with the addition of a beautiful lake view!

Solar lighting, hot water and a wood heat ensure the utmost in comfort.

Boats are fully equipped with seat cushions, paddles, nets, safety kits and anchors.


Attached is an excellent article that address a number of Lake Trout fishing questions.

Link to Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary

Files coming soon.