About Us


Where are we?

Our remote outpost cabins are located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. 

Tully Lake Outpost is built into a mature pine forest, and is situated on the southwest shore of beautiful Tully Lake, at the mouth of the river that flows from Store Lake. The breathtaking location alone makes the trip one you'll never forget. 

Darkwater Lake Outpost is located on the south shore of Darkwater Lake, which forms part of the Whitemud River system. Also built on a pine esker, Darkwater offers an outstanding view of the water from its large deck.  

Our locations alone, never mind the incredible fishing opportunities, place us in the perfect area for a remote, fly-in setting.


Your floatplane ride into Tully Lake will be as enjoyable as the fishing. We hire only the best, safest and most respected bush pilots that we trust unquestionably. You will ride from Ear Falls in a classic icon of the Canadian Northland, the Beaver or a twin engine Beech 18. Have your camera ready, these beautiful airplanes look almost as good as they sound.  


Your Hosts

Kyle and Trysta Wood are the proud owners and operators of Northland Outpost Company.

We share the unique background of each being raised in the fishing business. Kyle's family has owned and operated several hunting and fishing lodges throughout Ontario during the last 30 years, many you've likely heard of, or already visited. 

As a lifelong commercial bush pilot throughout Northwestern Ontario, he knows the area, water bodies and fisheries well.  

Trysta is no stranger to this line of work either.  At a young age, she and her parents moved from Iowa to begin the adventure of operating a Canadian fishing lodge, which is still going strong today.  

This is not just a business to us, it is our passion. We love what we do, and it shows in the quality of our operation.

Kyle and Trysta, along with their daughter Ayleah & son Jerett, invite you to experience the great Northland.