Tully Lake Outpost

Your outpost cabin is ideally placed between Tully Lake and Store Lake.  Although connected by a short river, the fishing opportunities are worlds apart. No other location offers such a diverse fishing experience. 


Tully Lake is such a unique, beautiful and pristine waterbody that words hardly describe. Surrounded by high Canadian Boreal forest, Tully Lake measures approximately 7 miles long by 2.5 miles wide, with 30 miles of shoreline. With the variety of many shallow bays, rugged structure and depths to 180' Tully Lake has consistently produced trophy Northern Pike and incredible Lake Trout fishing.


Store Lake is literally loaded with the aggressive Northern Pike. All throughout the season, no rapala or jig is safe in these waters. A relatively shallow lake, with 12 miles of shoreline and depths to 40' and countless weeded bays, Store Lake ensures that the Northern fishing remains incredible all year.